Memory of Eriana-3

Name: Memory of Eriana-3
Recorded: 2019.10.29


++ Sanctuary, The Moon

** The Guardian goes through the portal near where Eris Morn is usually located.

++ Enduring Abyss, The Moon

** The Guardian finds Eris Morn along with one phantom.

Eris Morn: I know this isn’t really Eriana. She herself said she didn’t want to be remembered this way. I want to remember her the way she was. Before the Disaster. Before the darkness.

** The Guardian approaches Eris Morn and gives her Eriana-3’s letters.

// REFERENCE {item: Eriana-3’s Letters}

Ghost: Eris, when your strike team headed to the moon – did Eriana-3 carry the letters Wei Ning sent her?

Eris: Yes… to remind her of why we fought. Why we sought to bring about Crota’s end. It was not simply vengeance. Eriana wanted no one to suffer like she and Wei had suffered. That is how she should be remembered. [sigh]

** The phantom of Eriana-3 disappears.

// NOTE If the Guardian wants to hear more.
Eris Morn: Ever since our descent into the Pit, when I thought upon my friends, I remembered only pain. These keepsakes have reminded me… there was joy, too. So long as these treasures are here to remind me of my friends, these phantoms cannot hurt me.


“Eriana-3 was the Praxic Warlock who led our fireteam of six into the Hellmouth and… unknowingly… to our doom. I do not blame her, Guardian. During the Great Disaster, Crota snuffed out the love in her heart and left only venom. In the end, before she lost her life in the Oversoul Throne, Eriana-3 came to regret her haste for vengeance.”

Above is a copy of the quest text shown at the very beginning of the quest. I made sure to also include it in the video, for reference.

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