Memory of Omar Agah

Name: Memory of Omar Agah
Recorded: 2019.10.24


++ Sanctuary, The Moon

** The Guardian goes through the portal near where Eris Morn is usually located.

++ Enduring Abyss, The Moon

** The Guardian finds Eris Morn along with two phantoms.

Eris Morn: I tried to save him… I tried to save him… That is not Omar… Forgive me…

** The Guardian approaches Eris Morn and gives her Omar Agah’s Brace of Knives.

// REFERENCE {item: Omar Agah’s Brace of Knives}

Ghost: Eris, do you recognize this talisman?

Eris Morn: Omar surely made this, though I have never seen it before. Perhaps he made it in captivity… hoping for rescue… No, that’s not it. He knew his Light was lost. This talisman was not for him… He meant for me to find it. Thank you, friend, for one last gift of luck.

** The phantom of Omar Agah disappears.

// NOTE If the Guardian wants to hear more.
Eris Morn: There was a moment, in the Pit, where I perhaps could have saved Omar. Or perhaps we both would have perished. I will never know.

// NOTE If the Guardian wants to hear more.
Eris Morn: Omar offered to make me a talisman before we descended. I was young and foolish then and thought I knew better than to believe in superstition. I am glad he did not listen to me.

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“Of the six of us who descended into the pit, the Hunter Omar Agah surely suffered the most terrible fate. Captured alive by the Heart of Crota, Omar’s Light was cut away from him in small bits, used to feed and coax newborn creatures from their cocoons. I will never forget the sounds he made as he died.”

Above is a copy of the quest text shown at the very beginning of the quest. I made sure to also include it in the video, for reference.


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