Memory of Sai Mota

Name: Memory of Sai Mota
Recorded: 2019.10.07


++ Sanctuary, The Moon

** The guardian goes through the portal near where Eris Morn is usually located.

++ Enduring Abyss, The Moon

** The Guardian finds Eris Morn speaking to the phantoms near her.

Eris Morn: Please! Leave me alone… No, wait! Don’t leave. I don’t… I need you.

** Eris Morn falls to her knees. The Guardian approaches Eris and gives her Sai Mota’s repaired necklace.

// REFERENCE {item: Sai Mota’s Repaired Necklace}

Ghost: Eris, we found something that we believe should be yours.

Eris Morn: It’s Sai’s necklace. I’d recognize her craftsmanship anywhere. She’s the one that taught me how to use a knife to carve beads. Perhaps I will take up carving again… Thank you…

** The phantom of Sai Mota disappears.

// NOTE If the Guardian wants to hear more.
Eris Morn: When she joined the fireteam, Sai asked for only one thing: to be avenged. I wasn’t able to do that for her… But… I helped another Guardian to slay Omnigul. I think Sai – the real Sai, not this phantom – was at peace.

// NOTE If the Guardian wants to hear more.
Eris Morn: Sai spoke little – except when giving toasts. Then none could silence her.


I’ll admit, something went… wrong when recording this footage. Sai’s Nightmare was clearly not having a good day.

I’m not overly familiar with Destiny 1 events. Did our Guardian slay Omnigul? Since I don’t have a Veteran account there might be different dialogue for that “I helped another Guardian to slay Omnigul” part, at least sounds like it.

D1 guardians did slay Omnigul. I’ll see if I can get the transcript for the veteran dialogue when I go through the campaign again.

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