Memory of Vell Tarlowe

Name: Memory of Vell Tarlowe
Recorded: 2019.10.08


++ Sanctuary, The Moon

** The Guardian goes through the portal near where Eris Morn is usually located.

++ Enduring Abyss, The Moon

** The Guardian finds Eris Morn along with several phantoms. Vell Tarlowe’s phantom backs away from something and falls down. The phantom rises again, shoving an invisible enemy behind him when a Hive axe materializes and crushes him to the floor.

Eris Morn: No. No, Vell, not again…

** Eris Morn falls to her knees near Vell Tarlowe’s phantom. The Hive axe disappears. The Guardian approaches Eris and gives her Vell Tarlowe’s reforged mark.

// REFERENCE {item: Vell Tarlowe’s Reforged Mark}

Ghost: Eris. We found Vell Tarlowe’s mark.

Eris Morn: I can’t believe it. Vell… He forged a link for every life he rescued. One of these… is for me. Thank you for bringing this back.

** Vell Tarlowe’s phantom disappears.

// NOTE If the Guardian wants to hear more.
Eris Morn: I did not want to ask Vell to join our fireteam – I knew he would say yes. But he found out… and volunteered.

// NOTE If the Guardian wants to hear more.
Eris Morn: As a Pilgrim Guard, Vell had experience leading refugees through enemy territory. Fighting only the battles he had to fight. He was subtle… for a Titan. Perhaps too subtle, when it mattered.

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“Vell Tarlowe was one of the strongest Titans I’ve ever known. A member of the Pilgrim Guard, but even his Light was smothered by the waves of Thrall that rush beneath the surface of the Moon. He underestimated them… and he paid the price.”

Above is a copy of the quest text shown at the very beginning of the quest. I made sure to also include it in the video, for reference.

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