My own crackpot theory

my own crackpot theory is that the traveler is one of many agents of the sky and that it itself is not the source of light just someone tapped into the source (I’m using someone because the traveler IS sentient) that is in some far off galaxy or other dimension is the true source of the light like the force in star wars

is it?, or is the traveler a tool in the use of another? of course I legitimately just came up with this idea after your claim to the travelers sentience and have no backing

There is support for this hypothesis, found in the BoS primarily.
It is held that the Traveler is only one source of the Light and power of the Sky. Whether there are more “Travelers” is left to speculation.

Here is another that speaks of the Sky having many agents.

Given that the “thoughts” of the Traveler are often recorded/narrated in third person, this is not necessarily spinfoil. I must say, however, that I believe it to be both sentient and a tool. A tool of the Light/Sky, whatever that means. It is possible that a singular entity is its master but I have no evidence for that.

so if this theory were to be true, We’re tools of the tool? now im confusing myself. Good theory though.

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You could probably compare it to a military. The General (The Light/Sky) has multiple Commanders (Traveler, agents) that command groups of Soldiers (Us, the Guardians) to fight the opposition (Minions of the Darkness) At least, thats what I see it as.

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Yep that’s right, which adds more to everyone’s depression

That is a good analogy.

I know I’m late to the party here, but this sounds like how Orin is used by the Nine but desperately maintains her own will.

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yes exactly although i think (now) that the traveler is like just another guardian, a person who is just another soldier in the the fight against darkness and is possible part of a hive mind(which is a very long stretch i came up with)

Because of the traveler’s ability I would think of it as a manifestation of the Christian god since there is only one and the darkness being satan

when did religion get in this conversation but that is a good analogy

Another thing could be that if the darkness has it’s own versions of guardians then maybe it’s like an external feud between two kingdoms and when one becomes powerful enough let’s say a guardian can overthrow and forever kill the last traveler they become the new traveler or ‘king’ in this case and become the new ruler of the ‘kingdom’ which in this case their kingdom is the galaxies or solar systems they inhabit

Now this is a stretch. The closest thing we have to Darkness Guardians in the Lore are the Hive and Dredgen Yor. However, Yor still utilized the Light the Traveler gave him. Do we know if Yor ever expressed desire to kill the Traveler?

No but I said if we find at some point that the darkness has it’s own actual versions of guardians

No, no. I understand that. I guess I personally try to stay away from big leaps but that doesn’t mean others should as well. In your scenario, are you saying the Light would persist in the guardian that kills the Traveler, or would it be a “guardian” of the darkness?

I would say it’s like a sith master and apprentice situation once the apprentice is strong enough to they would challenge the master or in our case guardian challenges the traveler to a duel and if the apprentice or guardian wins then they become the next master or traveler in our case.

Ok…from where would the Light come? The Guardian/New Traveler would then become the source in the immediate vicinity?

Yes so I say the shell of the traveler is like a prison and once the one inside is challenged if they die when the guardian takes their place they take their place in the prison, also I assume the dark guardians because I feel like there is a very large yin ang yang situation here where if one side has something the other side has it’s own version of it so like the darkness has worm gods maybe our version are the ahamkara