My own crackpot theory

my own crackpot theory is that the traveler is one of many agents of the sky and that it itself is not the source of light just someone tapped into the source (I’m using someone because the traveler IS sentient) that is in some far off galaxy or other dimension is the true source of the light like the force in star wars

is it?, or is the traveler a tool in the use of another? of course I legitimately just came up with this idea after your claim to the travelers sentience and have no backing

There is support for this hypothesis, found in the BoS primarily.
It is held that the Traveler is only one source of the Light and power of the Sky. Whether there are more “Travelers” is left to speculation.

Here is another that speaks of the Sky having many agents.

Given that the “thoughts” of the Traveler are often recorded/narrated in third person, this is not necessarily spinfoil. I must say, however, that I believe it to be both sentient and a tool. A tool of the Light/Sky, whatever that means. It is possible that a singular entity is its master but I have no evidence for that.

so if this theory were to be true, We’re tools of the tool? now im confusing myself. Good theory though.

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You could probably compare it to a military. The General (The Light/Sky) has multiple Commanders (Traveler, agents) that command groups of Soldiers (Us, the Guardians) to fight the opposition (Minions of the Darkness) At least, thats what I see it as.

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Yep that’s right, which adds more to everyone’s depression

That is a good analogy.