Next Darkness Power: Poison

Okay so I think the next darkness power will be poison. It makes sense. We have poison weapons like Thorn. Thorn is made of Hive Runes. And maybe we are going to be going up against some Hive God…? Maybe…a witch queen???

And I’m sure there will be more darkness subclasses because it says in the button to switch to Darkness Subclasses. The only thing that could stand in my theory’s way is the necrotic grips but those could be sucked into the warlock subclass…

Anyways that’s what I think, any thoughts?


I feel like a lot of people are thinking this as well. Though “next” is a bit strong since we have about 2/3 of a year left, but it’s common thought that we’ll definitely get a “poison” (or, in some theories, a “Hive subclass”) by Witch Queen.

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My guess is that it will likely end up being more “decay” than poison, I think this because the hive magic that we see isn’t really poison, it is more destructive. Also, the effect we see when shot by thorn (and maybe hit by narcotic grip) isn’t really a visual type of poison, it looks more corrosive, like an acid. Also, I think that the name of “decay” sounds more along the lines of current naming, like how stasis isn’t called “ice”

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Good point. Hopefully we can get some decay action

True, we seem to call it “poison” because of how it acts when applied to us. But, in general terms, “decay” is much more accurate.

It is most likely safe to assume we are getting a decay style subclass. We traveled to Europa, which was very Icy, and we got ice powers. We are dealing with Savathun in Witch Queen, who is Hive. I am wondering what power we will get in Lightfall, though. That is still 1 3/4 years from now, so we can only wait.

Now that you bring up location, a common theory is that Witch Queen will take place in Old Chicago, and some of the old bungie concept art for Chicago show it in a very decayed and wore-down state, to the point that is very swamp like. The location would definitely fit the power of “decay”.
Concept Art:

As for possible powers for lightfall, one that I keep thinking of is Blight abilities.

Was it the Sworld Logic that thought Oryx how to Take, or was it the Worms Auryx communed with inside of Fundament?

The Sword logic was how oryx became a god of the hive, the worms taught him, how to take

Yes and no.
Aurash and her sisters communed with the worm gods and became the gods we know them as today, except Aurash became Auryx.
Eventually, Auryx killed Akka and used the sword logic to gain the power to Take, and became Oryx, the Taken King, as a result. After killing Savathun and Xivu Arath in their throne worlds.

Technically Savathun (currently Sathona) was the first to master the powers of the Worm Gods but yea

Currently Sathona? She was Sathona before She became Savathun. Also, If you are saying that Sathona “mastered” (was actually granted) the power of the worm gods first because she was written about in verse 2:1, then it was actually Aurash that did first. She was the first one written down in the Books of Sorrow (verse 2:0). But we can’t go by who was written down first. We have no idea the order in which the three sisters were granted their powers. @Shad0w_Palad1n

Sorry I meant currently as in currently then. Not currently now. The same time as when Oryx was Aurash and Xivu Arath was Xi Ro

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We all make mistakes every now and then. Besides, the Hive backstory can be vague and/or loopy every now and then, so I can’t exactly blame anyone for messing up in regards to the Hive. They seem to be back-and-forth every now and then.

As someone who has tried to understand the origin of the hive fully since we saw them for the first time, I can attest to this.

Hive are just wonky as it can get. Trying to understand it is like trying to understand why tides work while the moon doesn’t exist at all. It’s wild.

I find it more comparable to trying to prove the existence of the atom without a TEM. You know it’s right, but you can’t find a way to prove it’s true.


That’s a much better comparison, it works much more effectively than mine.


Yeah, that’s just straight-up correct. Though, it’s kinda fitting, with the Hive being as ancient as they are and the fact that, like us, they meddle with paracausal forces.

And then there’s Savathun. Who’s confusing for her own reasons.


Savathun make brain hurt and thats the end of it. Normal Hive are already hard to understand, then Savathun just breaks all the normal rules and exists to make us suffer.

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