Nightmare Hunt: Isolation

Name: Nightmare Hunt: Isolation
Recorded: 2019.10.20


++ Anchor of Light, The Moon

Eris Morn: Years ago, Taniks tore the Vanguard apart over a mere bounty. Andal Brask was murdered in cold blood, and the Hunter Vanguard was left without a leader. Taniks would ultimately die for this on the orders of Cayde-6. But the scars he left among all Guardians would never fully heal. Once again, the Pyramid takes advantage of our collective pain. We will not succumb.

** The Guardian searches for the Nightmare of Taniks. The Guardian defeats the Hive near the entrance to the Temple of Crota, including two Nightmare Acolytes. A barrier blocking the entrance to the Temple of Crota disappears. The Guardian enters the Temple of Crota.

++ Temple of Crota, The Moon

** The Guardian defeats the Hive and the Fallen which they encounter, including two Nightmare Shanks. A barrier blocking an entrance further into the Temple of Crota disappears. The Guardian heads deeper into the Temple of Crota. Nightmare of Taniks, The Scarred appears.

Ghost: There’s the Nightmare of Taniks. Let’s take it down.

** The Guardian defeats Nightmare of Taniks, The Scarred.

Ghost: Taniks put up a fight. But we got him in the end, Eris.

Eris Morn: Good. We draw closer to the Pyramid with every victory.


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