Nightmare Hunt: Pride

Name: Nightmare Hunt: Pride


Recorded: 2019.10.20


++ Anchor of Light, The Moon

** The Guardian searches for the Nightmare of Skolas. The Guardian defeats the Hive and the Fallen which are fighting each other, including two Nightmare Shanks. A barrier blocking the entrance to a nearby Fallen Ketch disappears. The Guardian enters the Ketch.

Eris Morn: We are all consumed by that which eats away at us. For Skolas, it was his own hubris. He pursued complete control over all Houses of the Fallen, and through his misguided conquest, many perished. Skolas’s memory serves as a permanent reminder of all the lives lost at the whim of a single Kell. No matter how hard the Pyramid may try, we will not cower.

++ Traitor’s Ketch, The Moon

** The Guardian heads further into the Ketch, defeating the Fallen and Hive which they encounter, including two Nightmare Shanks. A barrier blocking an entrance further into the Ketch disappears. The Guardian continues deeper into the Ketch. Nightmare of Skolas, Kell of Kells appears.

Ghost: Skolas Nightmare, dead ahead. It’s ours.

** The Guardian defeats Nightmare of Skolas, Kell of Kells.

Ghost: Eris, Skolas has been taken care of.

Eris Morn: Find me when you are ready.

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