Nightmare Hunt: Rage

Name: Nightmare Hunt: Rage


Recorded: 2020.02.22


++ Circle of Bones, The Moon

Eris Morn: The Red Legion arrived and gifted us with a collective pain — the loss of our Light. For a time, all Guardians knew my pain. Too many lost their lives. Those left standing will forever harbor the incurable guilt of survival. I left the City just before the war for reasons of my own. But I harbor that guilt all the same. Even simply a visage of Ghaul is unacceptable. The Pyramid knows this. It feeds off this. Do not let it win.

** The Guardian searches for the Nightmare of Dominus Ghaul, defeating the Hive which they encounter, including a Nightmare Acolyte.

++ The World’s Grave, The Moon

** The Guardian defeats the Hive, including several Nightmare Thralls, Nightmare Acolytes, and an Ogre.

++ Chamber of Night, The Moon

** The Guardian defeats the Cabal, including an Honored Colossus, and heads deeper into the Chamber of Night. The Nightmare of Dominus Ghaul appears.

Ghost: We ended Ghaul’s reign. His Nightmare stands no chance.

** The Guardian defeats the Nightmare of Dominus Ghaul.

Ghost: Eris, that’s another Nightmare of Ghaul down.

Eris Morn: As long as the Pyramid continues to throw them at us, we will be here to beat them back. Good work.


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