Nightmare Hunt: Servitude

Name: Nightmare Hunt: Servitude


Recorded: 2020.02.22


++ Lunar Battlegrounds, The Moon

Eris Morn: Zydron. The Vex Gate Lord who denied Guardians access to the Black Garden. The very place from which the Traveler’s pain arose. The Pyramid uses Zyrdron’s very presence as a reminder of the fear we faced when the Traveler’s existence was threatened. Silence his Nightmare.

** The Guardian searches for the Nightmare of Zydron. The Guardian defeats the Vex and the Hive which they encounter, including a Nightmare Harpy, several Nightmare Goblins, a Quantum Minotaur, and several Knights. The Guardian enters a cavern with a Vex gate.

Ghost: Zydron lost his head to brave Guardians. We’ll defeat his Nightmare all the same.

** The Nightmare of Zydron, Gate Lord appears. The Guardian defeats the Nightmare of Zydron, Gate Lord.

Ghost: Eris, we’ve put the Nightmare of Zydron to rest.

Eris Morn: The Pyramid’s distractions prove weak, time and again. The next time will be no different.


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