Number of replies

Can it be made possible for new members to make more replies on their first day? I’ve run out and am unable to continue a few conversations.

It’s part of the forum software they use. They can’t change it. Best you can do is wait until the next day.

Every time you level up, you get more access

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I just need the days then, 'cause I’m well over that.

I changed one setting so that new users can create 10 topics on their first day.

The reason that these settings exist are so that if a spambot comes along, we can deal with it and not have to worry about cleaning up, so I’m a little cautious about removing those restrictions… sorry! :grimacing:

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No problem. I just started a gazillion topics :sweat_smile:

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I noticed :stuck_out_tongue:

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Sorry, this was my fault for requesting more access…:smiling_imp:


I’m doing 90% of my reading at this website on my phone. As far I can see I’m Trust Level: Member. Where can see if I’m trusted? Or level?
I believe I’ve got 15 days now, but not sure. Registered this month. Is there any possibilty to check how many topics one has entered?