Our first new moderator: RedRenegade


Hey everyone!

Please join me in congratulating @RedRenegade in his new role as moderator of the Ishtar Commons! :smile:

I am sure you will all agree that RedRenegade is very friendly and supportive, very active (you see him on almost every topic!) and exactly the kind of person that will make a good moderator :slight_smile:

Thank you RedRenegade! Congratulations and good luck in your new role. :smile:


Yay! Congratulations! :grin:



Congratulations, Red!


Thank you for your kind words, everyone! Iā€™m honored to be on staff and very excited for the future. :blush:


Congratulations RedRenegade! I think Baxter hit it on the mark, and you are more than adequate for this job. Good Luck!


congrats @RedRenegade !



P.S you already edited one of my posts so you must be working hard.

Sorry if that seems sarcastic.
"Congrats! :D"
Seems better