Pretender To The Throne

Name: Pretender To The Throne
Recorded 31.1.2017

Flying to Dreadnaught
Variks Oryx is dead. Taken, unleashed. Many seek to claim the throne.

Ghost I thought that killing Oryx would have ended the threat. Instead, we have created a power vacuum.

Guardian lands in Mausoleum. Dreadaught, Rings Of Saturn
Variks Taken power strong here. New leader rises. He hungers for Oryx’s power.

Ghost One Taken King was enough, thank you.

Entering the Founts
Variks Taken are cautious. Hiding.

Ghost I don’t think it will be a problem.

Guardian engages the Taken in lower level of the Founts
Ghost And here we go.

After first wave of Taken cleared
Ghost No sign of a new Taken prince yet…

Variks He is close.

Malok appears
Variks Malok. Capture him, Guardian. Bring him to Prison of Elders.

Ghost You want him alive? Whatever happened to (mimics Variks) “kill them back”?

After more waves defeated Malok disappears
Ghost He’s getting away!

Variks Prey wants to run. We follow. Taken will hold his Echo. Find it, and find Malok.

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