Pyramid Near Jupiter Cinematic

Name: Pyramid Near Jupiter Cinematic
Recorded: 2020.06.02


++ Jupiter

** A Pyramid passes in front of the planet Jupiter.

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I’m okay with the description being changed or simplified, but I would think this Pyramid Ship is separate from the Fleet because the fleet would have only made it to Saturn.

I edited your Transcript slightly. Firstly, I called it a Pyramid rather than a Pyramid Ship, since the term “Pyramid Ship” isn’t used in any official sources. And secondly, while I agree with your assessment of the situation, I changed the text to remove any analysis of whether this ship is alone or with the fleet. It seems cleaner to me to just describe what we see.


Created Pyramid Near Jupiter Cinematic based on this post.

I get that. Honestly, had no idea how in depth ya’ll wanted this. Just glad it’s up :slight_smile: