Quest: A Khvostov Rising, We Found a Rifle

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Name: Quest: A Khvostov Rising, We Found a Rifle
Recorded: 2020.06.14


Ghost: To finish the Khvostov, we’ll need to a Golden Age firing pin. Shiro gave me a few ideas of where we could start looking. I laughed when I scanned the coordinates. They’re awfully familiar.

++ Dock-13, Cosmodrome, Old Russia, Earth

** The Guardian returns to familiar ground to complete their new rifle.

Ghost: It seems like yesterday we were racing the Fallen to get to that rusted old ship. Now we just one little piece of metal.

** Ghost scans Dock-13.

Ghost: I’m detecting traces of fuel leakage from an Arcadia jumpship, faded ether emissions from a Fallen Archon, but there’s no pin here. Let’s get out into the open.

++ The Divide, Cosmodrome, Old Russia, Earth

** The Guardian heads outside.

Ghost: I really did spend a long time searching for you. I’ll always remember our first day through here.

** Ghost scans the Divide.

Ghost: Here we go! There’s a Fallen Captain nearby, and he’s got a pin on him. Bet he just threw it in with a bunch of other scrap. Doesn’t even know what he’s got.

** Kaviss, Splicer Captain appears. The Guardian pursues the Fallen Captain.

Ghost: That Captain’s using a powerful strain of SIVA. He’ll be hard to take down. Keep after him!

** Kaviss, Splicer Captain is injured and retreats into the Cosmodrome Wall.

Ghost: How do they—Fine. Hold on. OK, I’ve reacquired his signal. Ugh, he’s leaking SIVA mites. Must have been pretty deep in the Plaguelands. At least it means we can track him.

++ The Breach, Cosmodrome, Old Russia, Earth

** The Guardian enters the Cosmodrome Wall.

Ghost: There! Get me close to that SIVA cloud.

** Ghost scans a SIVA swarm.

Ghost: He’s definitely leaking mites. Let’s follow the trail.

** Ghost tracks the injured Fallen Captain.

Ghost: I remember this room. Huh. And he’s right around here. Be careful.

** Kaviss, Splicer Captain appears.

Ghost: There he is! And the Servitors have shielded him! Don’t let him get away!

** The Guardian defeats Kaviss and completes the Khvostov rifle.

Khvostov 7G-0X

Ghost: Patching in the Iron Temple. Shiro, we’ve fit the firing pin, and the weapon looks exceptional under my scans. Great work!

Shiro-4: That’s good to hear. You’ve got a chance to use it, too. A group of Fallen are mustering from the Ketch out on the highway.

Ghost: We’re on it. Let’s go introduce them to an old friend. I count myself lucky I decided to swing back through Russia when I did. If I’d gone south instead of north, it could have been years before we met. We did it, though. We got that ship flying and I got you back to the City. And now look at everything we’ve done together!

++ The Cosmodrome Gateway, Old Russia, Earth

** The Guardian defeats a group of Fallen and boards the Devils’ Ketch.

Ghost: Hey, take a look at that view. Can we swing over there?

** The Guardian enjoys the view with Ghost.

Ghost: Every Ghost is born knowing that we have to find our Guardian. We don’t know what they look like. Not on the outside, anyway. On the inside, I’d always known you were more. And that together, we could be something more. When you think about everything we’ve seen, everything we’ve done. I feel like I made the right choice. Hmph. We should let Shiro know how it went out here. Let him admire his handiwork. And thanks — you know — for being my Guardian.

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