Quest: A Warmind's Secrets, The Lie

Name: Quest: A Warmind’s Secrets, The Lie
Recorded: 2020.05.18


++ Vostok Observatory, Felwinter Peak, Old Russia, Earth

Ana Bray: This is where I’m getting the weird readings from. There’s old Rasputin data associated with a few co-ordinates on this mountain. And I mean old. Dark Age. Huh. I didn’t think he was active after the Collapse. See what you can find.

** The Guardian investigates the first anomaly.

Ana Bray: There’s a record here of Rasputin executing an order to deploy assault frames. A whole army of them. But the target was a single Exo. Why would he need all of this for just one?

** The Guardian investigates the second anomaly.

Ana Bray: There’s a Warmind intelligence transcript associated with this spot. It references SIVA. But it… it doesn’t make sense to me. From what I knew, the Iron Lords went after SIVA themselves. Felwinter wanted to use it to build up the City. And I thought Rasputin reprogrammed SIVA to attack them when they entered the vault. But this says he gave SIVA a new directive long before that. He was using it as… bait. The Iron Lords didn’t go after SIVA on their own… Rasputin led them to it.

** The Guardian investigates the third anomaly.

Ana Bray: I’m picking up a transcript of an old communications order. Rasputin sent it out to his subminds. He identified a threat in Old Russia. It looks like there was a data breach of some kind. I don’t know what it was, but he threw out a lot of firepower. Dropped a Warsat right on top of it.

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