Quest: As Prophesied

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Name: Quest: As Prophesied
Video URL: As Prophesied | Broadcast from Lakshmi-2 | Season of the Splicer
Playlist URL: Splicer, Season of the (Story) from Destiny Lore Vault
Recorded: 2021.08.10


++The H.E.L.M., The Last City

// REFERENCE {interaction:splicer-servitor-as-prophesied}

**The Guardian approaches the radio in the H.E.L.M. Lakshmi-2’s portrait is displayed as she speaks.

Lakshmi-2: People of the Last City: we have endured many great tragedies thanks to our strength and a steadfast commitment to humanity.

Lakshmi-2: The Traveler chose us. It abandoned the Fallen because they are unfit, unworthy of the Light. They would take it from us if they could.

Lakshmi-2: The Vanguard have lost their way.

Lakshmi-2: They embrace the Darkness. Welcome Eramis’s followers into our midst with open arms.

Lakshmi-2: Force us to celebrate our lost heroes alongside those who murdered them.

Lakshmi-2: Yes, the Endless Night is over. But now, Mithrax and his House will use this opportunity to do what the Fallen have always done.

Lakshmi-2: Covet. Cheat. Steal. Kill.

Lakshmi-2: I have seen the future with my own eyes, and it has not changed. Doom still builds on our horizon like a terrible storm.

Lakshmi-2: But there is hope.

Lakshmi-2: Right now, loyalists to the Future War Cult and New Monarchy have rounded up the Fallen in our city.

Lakshmi-2: With the aid of Osiris, I have learned how to safely command the power of the Vex. I will use it to do what the Vanguard will not.

Lakshmi-2: I will tear open a rift; banish the Fallen to the depths of space from where they came.

Lakshmi-2: We alone will save humanity. I have seen the darkest of futures, and with this act, I will–

**Lakshmi pauses and there is radio static. Vex can be heard roaring in the background.

Lakshmi-2: No. NO! [agonized screams]

**Her voice distorts mechanically as she screams, carrying on for a few moments before fading out. The transmission ends in silence.

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