Quest: Born In Darkness, Speak to the Exo Stranger

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Name: Quest: Born In Darkness, Speak to the Exo Stranger
Video URL: Born In Darkness | Intro — Remnants of Darkness | Beyond Light - YouTube
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Recorded: 2020.11.12


++ Beyond, Rathmore Chaos, Europa

** The Guardian approaches the Exo Stranger at the campsite.

Exo Stranger: Humanity’s refuge does not lie in us alone. We must awaken Darkness far and wide. Teach the masses to use it for good. But first, we must awaken its power fully. There was one whose knowledge of the Darkness exceeded even our own. My grandfather: Clovis Bray I. “Elisabeth,” he said to me as I woke, born again as an Exo. “You are going to save the world.” What a load of crap. The old man didn’t care about saving the world. He only cared about his precious legacy. Still… here’s to hoping he was right. Clovis kept most of his secrets in his personal journal. And I know just where we can find it.

// REFERENCE {interaction: Exo Stranger — Born in Darkness}

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