Quest: Challenger's Proving III (Battleground: Oracle)

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Name: Quest: Challenger’s Proving III (Battleground: Oracle)
Video URL: Challenger’s Proving III | Battleground: Oracle | Season of the Chosen
Playlist URL: Chosen, Season of the (Story) from Destiny Lore Vault
Recorded: 2021.02.23


++The H.E.L.M., The Last City

**The Guardian approaches the War Table. A hologram of Lord Saladin appears.

Lord Saladin: You’re needed back on Nessus, Guardian.

Lord Saladin: As if their tank wasn’t enough, now we have Psions tunneling into Vex territory.

Lord Saladin: According to Crow, their leader is Ixel, the Far-Reaching. She’s looking for something that will secure her a seat on the war council.

Lord Saladin: Something that will impress, like Vex prediction engines.

Lord Saladin: Whatever Ixel digs up could give Caiatl the winning edge. Or worse, simply unleash destruction on us all.

Lord Saladin: Either outcome is to be avoided at all costs. Ensure they never try this again.

** Saladin ends the transmission.

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