Quest: Challenger's Proving VII | Chosen of the Vanguard

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Name: Interaction: Challenger’s Proving VII | Chosen of the Vanguard
Video URL: Challenger’s Proving VII | Chosen of the Vanguard | Season of the Chosen
Playlist URL: Chosen, Season of the (Story) from Destiny Lore Vault
Recorded: 2021.03.23


++Courtyard, The Tower

// REFERENCE {item:Chosen of the Vanguard}

Zavala: I issued a challenge to Caiatl, knowing she could not show weakness in front of her people.

Zavala: She accepted… and now the time has come.

Zavala: It’s simple: a final Rite of Proving. We each send forth a warrior to represent us.

Zavala: Whichever side claims victory sets the terms of a binding agreement.

Zavala: If we win, Caiatl ceases hostilities immediately. Her forces never set foot on Earth again.

Zavala: But if we lose, we surrender Nessus and support her claim to the imperial throne.

Zavala: And as a gesture of good faith, I become “Bracus Zavala” and serve on her war council. A glorified hostage.

Zavala: That… cannot happen.

Zavala: Caiatl’s chosen warrior waits deep within her fortified tank.

Zavala: Storming it and defeating him in ritual combat will be nearly impossible. But I’ve come to expect the impossible… from you.

Zavala: Guardian… represent the Vanguard in the Rite of Proving.

Zavala: Be our champion.

// REFERENCE {interaction: Commander Zavala — Challenger’s Proving VII}

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