Quest: Choir of the Damned, Symphony of Death

Name: Quest: Choir of the Damned, Symphony of Death
Recorded: 2020.02.20


++ Circle of Bones, The Moon

Eris Morn: The song remains unbound. There are notes yet to steal and bone yet to defile. Toland knows the way. His madness is your truth. Heed his warnings and know that your suffering will become your strength… Once the Deathsong is yours to command.

** Toland appears nearby. The Guardian speaks to Toland.

Toland: Welcome, once more, to the edge of oblivion, hero. You have faced much — enough to impress the easily impressed — but the melody we seek to cage may be more than you can overcome.

Eris Morn: Is that concern I hear in the old man’s voice? Maybe his humanity isn’t lost after all.

Toland: My concern extends only to all we gain to learn from what comes next. Succeed or fail, Guardian. Either way, new understandings will be gleaned from your courage.

** The Guardian heads towards the location of Ir Airâm, Deathsinger.

Toland: Beyond, the choir awaits. Quiet the Aria before they shred your mind and rend your flesh. The song’s embrace will be harsh, but remember… Every note you endure will lead to the Hive’s undoing.

++ Catacombs, The Moon

** The Guardian finds a Deathsinger, Ir Absuul, First Aria. The Guardian defeats Ir Absuul, First Aria and heads further into the Catacombs.

** The Guardian finds another Deathsinger, Ir Nagash, Second Aria. The Guardian defeats Ir Nagash, Second Aria and heads further into the Catacombs.

** The Guardians finds another Deathsinger, Ir Sûfra, Third Aria. The Guardian defeats Ir Sûfra. Toland appears. The Guardian speaks to Toland.

Toland: Here, Guardian. I came to the Moon with Eris and other lost warriors not to end the Nightmares, but to meet them — understand them. From that understanding, I expected to conquer their horrors and safeguard our past, present, and future. But the Hive are not simply waking terror. They are a dark mirror — a reflection of all we fear to face in ourselves. Crota, Oryx, the Worm Gods, the Ascendant Plane… they are so much more than enemies and the unknowable. They are teachers. The fear they sow: a lesson — a path toward an evolution. We must tear every instrument of death they wield from their hearts, minds, and hands and remake them to inflict our will.

** The Guardian crosses a bridge and finds Ir Airâm, Deathsinger.

Toland: The pain of her song. Even removed from your plane, I can feel its reach. Silence her!

** The Guardian defeats Ir Airâm, Deathsinger.

Toland: The Deathsong is yours to command — a new chorus to serenade your enemies with suffering. The final instrument is yours. Take the Deathsinger’s skull to Eris; complete the weapon.

// REFERENCE {item:A Death of Nightmares}

++ Sanctuary, The Moon

** The Guardian returns to Eris Morn.

Eris Morn: The deadly chorus of the Deathsinger’s call has been stolen and bound to your growing arsenal. Once more you have proven yourself worth to stand against the night. Let the Deathsong protect you as it rends those who once cheered its wicked power.

** The Guardian receives Deathbringer.

// REFERENCE {item:Deathbringer}


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