Quest: Echoes of the Past

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Name: Plaguelands Patrol: Locate and Analyze the Anomaly
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Recorded: 2021.08.07


++ Vostok Observatory, Old Russia, Earth

// REFERENCE {item:Await the Call}

** The Guardian approaches Lord Saladin at the gate to the Iron Temple.

// NOTE Interaction: “The Gjallarhorn was created to honor some of the finest warriors ever to take the battlefield. It is fitting that you are becoming a part of its legend.” —Lord Saladin

Lord Saladin: SIVA will test all that you are, as will I.

// REFERENCE {item:Patrol the Plaguelands}

++ The Archon’s Keep, The Plaguelands, Earth

** The Guardian activates a patrol beacon.

// NOTE Objective — LOCATE AND ANALYZE THE ANOMALY: A scrambled datastream seems to be pointing to an anomaly buried deep within Site 6.

Ghost: Hmm. This beacon is picking up interference… an energy source deep below the Plaguelands. We’d better check it out!

++ Site 6, The Plaguelands, Earth

** The Guardian traverses the Archon’s Forge and the Warrens until they arrive within the upper level of Site 6. The Guardian destroys a Splicer Walker. The Guardian’s Ghost scans the anomaly: a wolf medallion.

Ghost: Interesting. This crest is from one of the lost Iron Lords… and it’s radiating Light energy! Faint but enough to disrupt the patrol network. Saladin will be happy to see this!