Quest: Eyes on the Moon, Vex Invasion

Name: Quest: Eyes on the Moon, Vex Invasion
Recorded: 2019.10.07


++ Sanctuary, The Moon

Eris Morn: The Black Garden lies open. As we speak, Vex are spilling out onto the Moon, drawn by the Pyramid’s influence. Countless more are sure to follow. Our problems, it seems, are multiplying. If the Vex drive us off the Moon, we’ll lose our access to the Pyramid – and with it, any hope of stopping the Nightmares. This threat must be contained. Before it grows beyond our ability to contain it. My focus must remain fixed on the Pyramid. This task, then, must fall to you. You and Ikora both. Push the Vex back. Learn what you can of their intentions. And bring your findings to Ikora. Light the path for one another, and we may yet survive this… complication. See it through, Guardian.


Somehow my capture software decided it was a good moment to stop working properly and somehow the video turned out quite choppy.
I totally understand AND encourage for someone to get a better recording. And I’m sorry that my recording came up sub-par.

I still had the recording and decided to make the transcript of it but… yeah… it’s barely viewable.

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