Quest: Into the Mindlab, Raising Our Defenses

Name: Quest: Into the Mindlab, Raising Our Defenses
Recorded: 2020.03.11


++ BrayTech Futurescape, Mars

Ana Bray: Guardian, head into Rasputin’s Mindlab. It’s taken a little convincing to get him on board. The system’s becoming a dangerous place. …I get the sense that he’s worried. I’ve never seen that from him before.

++ Mindlab: Rasputin, Mars.

** The Guardian heads towards Rasputin, defeating the Cabal which they encounter.

Ana Bray: The last time the Guardians teamed with Rasputin, we were able to topple a Hive god. With Rasputin on our side, the Almighty doesn’t stand a chance.

** The Guardian continues towards Rasputin.

Ana Bray: Warminds are complex and hard to predict. Rasputin’s priorities are constantly shifting, but I know he’ll do what’s right. Don’t mind the Cabal. Big Red can handle it.

** The Guardian discovers several Frames outside of Rasputin’s chamber. The Frames defeat the Cabal. The Guardian heads into Rasputin’s chamber and interfaces with Rasputin. Rasputin gives the Warmind Khanjali artifact to the Guardian.

// REFERENCE {item:Warmind Khanjali}

Ana Bray: Rasputin’s on board. There’s something he needs to show you in the EDZ. I think he likes you.


So, I don’t speak Russian. If anyone knows what Rasputin says, please let us know so we can add it to the transcript :slight_smile:

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