Quest: Locate the Giant Exo, Lost Lament

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Name: Quest: Locate the Giant Head, Lost Lament
Video URL: Lost Lament | Meet Clovis Bray AI: "Locate the Giant Exo" | Beyond Light - YouTube
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Recorded: 2020.11.22


// REFERENCE {item: Locate the Giant Exo}

++ Creation, Rathmore Chaos, Europa

** After reactivating three dead Exos on Europa, Banshee-44 tasks the Guardian with finding another one of the images he saw. The Guardian discovers and activates the Giant Exo.

Clovis Bray AI: Artificial Intelligence activated. Who in the hell do you think you are?

Ghost: Excuse me?

Clovis Bray AI: The Deep Stone Crypt has stood for centuries without intervention, and from the ether, your people swoop in and destroy my work without thought.

Ghost: “Your work?” Are you —

Clovis Bray AI: More than just an AI? Indeed. I am an extra replica of Clovis Bray I’s consciousness, woken thanks to the intruders in the Crypt.

Ghost: Those Guardians weren’t the intruders. They were trying to protect it from the Fallen.

Clovis Bray AI: Fallen?

Ghost: An alien race that appeared after the Collapse.

Clovis Bray AI: The Collapse…? Sounds like I have much to catch up on. I suppose if you’re telling the truth, I should offer my gratitude to your kind. In the meantime, perhaps you can… refrain from further destroying my life’s work, hm?

** The Clovis Bray AI shuts down. The Guardian reactivates the AI.

Clovis Bray AI: Artificial Intelligence activated. Oh, you again. And what should I help you with this time?

Ghost: It’s our friend Banshee. An Exo. He had scattered visions of dead Exos that mentioned a blade and led to you —

Clovis Bray AI: Did you say “Banshee”?

Ghost: Yes, he’s our gunsmith.

Clovis Bray AI: How interesting… You’re after the blade then, I assume?

Ghost: We’re just out to help our friend make sense of his memories. Hoping the blade helps with that.

Clovis Bray AI: Hmm. Yes, I’m aware of where it lies. You want it? Prove you’re worth my time first.

Ghost: …Same to you.

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