Quest: Lunar Connection, Raising Our Defenses

Name: Quest: Lunar Connection, Raising Our Defenses
Recorded: 2020.03.24


++ Archer’s Line, Ocean of Storms, The Moon

** The Guardian enters the Seraph Bunker

++ Seraph Bunker: The Moon, Ocean of Storms, The Moon

** The Guardian heads through the corridors. The Guardian opens a door to the Seraph Bunker and heads towards the control room, defeating the Hive which they encounter. As the Guardian enters the control room, Ana Bray unleashes a Blade Barrage against the remaining Hive in the room.

Ana Bray: BACK [grunts] OFF!

** Ana Bray defeats the Hive.

Ana Bray: This place is crawling with Hive. Keep an eye out while I hook Rasputin in. Some of this netcode is ancient. I hear what people say behind my back. You know, that I’m a Bray first and a Guardian second. Selfishly chasing my past. But Rasputin and I have been busy scouring the system. Not for ourselves. We were looking for Golden Age relics, hunting down the Deep Stone Crypt, chasing loose threads. It wasn’t just weapons. Old nano-meds, construction servos, disease-resistant crop strains. Finds that would make a real difference in people’s lives. We assumed Zavala and the Vanguard could handle any immediate threats, but… we could have done more.

** Ana Bray transmats out of the control room. The Guardian restores Rasputin’s connection to the Seraph Bunker Network.


I labelled this under the quest for “Raising Our Defenses” since it isn’t given a proper Quest Item, but it continues the story from the previous Seraph Bunker.

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