Quest: Path of the Splicer I, Mission Briefing

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Name: Quest: Path of the Splicer I, Mission Briefing
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Playlist URL: Vanguard Communications | Broadcast from the Crow | Season of the Splicer - YouTube
Recorded: 2021.05.11


++ H.E.L.M., The Last City, Earth

// NOTE The Guardian listens to a Vanguard communication from the Crow to Commander Zavala
The Crow: Can’t say I’m enjoying lying low, Commander. Reminds me of the old days. But hey, I’m nothing if not good at following orders. If it was my choice, I’d be there helping you get the Eliksni settled in the City. Might be hard to believe, but they’re more like us than you think. Just… give them a chance. Like you did for me. “Velask.” That’s how they say hello. Just so you know.

** The Guardian approaches the Splicer Servitor in the Eliksni Wing.

// REFERENCE {interaction: Splicer Servitor — Beneath the Great Machine}

// REFERENCE {item: Paradrome Cube}

// REFERENCE {item: Mission Briefing|mission-briefing-7}

Mithrax: Guardian, I greet you in the Light. It is I, Misraaks… or “Mithrax,” as your people say. I speak to you through a Servitor we liberated from the House of Salvation. It fuels our camp now, turning raw matter into the Ether we need to survive. I will use it to study the Paradrome Cube you recovered from the Vex. In this way, it will provide for us both. We are settling into your City. You may have seen the work of the House of Light Scribe, Eido, my daughter. She has been creating a chronicle of our journey… but there will be time for that later. This city holds great scholars and warriors. Ikora, Osiris, Lakshmi-2, even… the Saint. They have agreed to aid in your fight against the machines. And I will be your guide. I am a Sacred Splicer, one who can touch the Light rippling through the Vex networks… For the Light is all: the wind through the grass and the motion of galaxies. In this way, I can see into the Vex domain. But you… [sighs] Your abilities might grow beyond mine. I have prepared something for you: a Splicer Gauntlet, the first made for a non-Eliksni. The Ether it pulls from defeated foes will let you override the Vex signals. Push back and enter the machine domain, as you did on Europa. Bring me data from within, and together, we will discover its secrets. Fight bravely. Free your people from this Endless Night.

// REFERENCE {interaction: Splicer Servitor — Path of the Splicer I}

** The Guardian receives a Splicer Gauntlet from Mithrax.

// REFERENCE {item: Splicer Gauntlet}

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