Quest: Path of the Splicer I, Speak with Ikora Rey

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Name: Quest: Path of the Splicer I, Speak with Ikora Rey
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Playlist URL: Path of the Splicer I | Speak to Ikora Rey | Season of the Splicer - YouTube
Recorded: 2021.05.11


++ The Tower, The Last City, Earth

** The Guardian rendezvouses with Ikora Rey in the Tower’s Bazaar.

Ikora: It has been some time since you and I have worked together. That’s going to change. As internal affairs falls under my purview, you’ll be reporting to me for this operation. Mithrax has kept his promise. His Splicers work tirelessly to decode the data you pulled from the Vex network. Zavala and I have every confidence that this was the right decision. Years of Hidden operations coming to fruition in our time of need. The Eliksni would say, “The Great Machine provides.” But if Osiris hadn’t suggested we contact Mithrax directly, all our outreach could have been wasted. Guardian, we are all made to believe that loss is how we grow. It took me decades to see that it is not the pain we learn from, but the risk. The chances we take, and the strength to see them through. Here in the City, every new life can begin in peace. Without fear. Without loss. We need only set aside the past. While you’re in the field, I’ve asked Saint-14 to oversee the Eliksni settlement. If we can turn the Kell-breaker into an advocate for House Light, then others will follow. I hope he’s feeling generous. Where the Darkness seeks to divide us, we need only offer out a hand.

// REFERENCE {interaction: Ikora Rey — Path of the Splicer I}

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