Quest: Path of the Splicer II, Mission Briefing

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Name: Quest: Path of the Splicer II, Mission Briefing
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Playlist URL: Path of the Splicer II | Speak to Mithrax | Season of the Splicer - YouTube
Recorded: 2021.05.18


++ H.E.L.M., The Last City, Earth

** The Guardian approaches the Splicer Servitor in the Eliksni Wing.

// REFERENCE {item: Mission Briefing|mission-briefing-7}

Mithrax: Guardian. I greet you in the Light. When we last spoke, I saw your potential. Now that you have returned, I see your resilience. We should learn from your example. We struggle to make a home under this Endless Night. Supplies spoil more quickly β€” the air leeches life from all we have. I have never seen corruption like this. It is… unknown to me. When you are ready, I will guide you to where the Vex are most vulnerable. They are difficult to predict β€” they do not behave as they should. I think they guard powerful secrets. Tighten your Gauntlet, and let us take them.

// REFERENCE {interaction: Splicer Servitor β€” Path of the Splicer II}

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