Quest: Path of the Splicer III, Mission Briefing

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Name: Quest: Path of the Splicer III, Mission Briefing
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Playlist URL: Path of the Splicer III | Talk to Mithrax | Season of the Splicer - YouTube
Recorded: 2021.05.25


++ H.E.L.M., The Last City, Earth

** The Guardian approaches the Splicer Servitor in the Eliksni Wing.

// REFERENCE {item: Mission Briefing|mission-briefing-7}

Mithrax: I greet you in the Light, Guardian. I was given a message about Lakshmi-2, she of the Future War Cult. Osiris wishes that she gains full access to the Vex data you gather. I agreed. I hope my cooperation will show her we are not like the old Houses. I have heard the transmissions she records for the City’s people, and I know she is… skeptical of the Eliksni. I hope to make trust with her. There are rumors she uses Vex technology to look upon tomorrow. This is dangerous, forbidden by my people. But if it will show her we walk together in peace, I will give her all that she asks. After studying the data you brought, I have found a new path for you to walk. The Vex gather their forces, but we can break through their security. Enter their realm, then… use your Light. Consecrate their network — purify it. The Vex will try to stop you, but you are not one who can be stopped.

// REFERENCE {interaction: Splicer Servitor — Path of the Splicer III|splicer-servitor-path-of-the-splicer-iii-3}

// NOTE The Guardian listens to a broadcast message from Lakshmi-2
Lakshmi-2: People of the Last City: we are governed by a consensus. A democracy where the people have a say over what happens in their city. Or so we thought. But did you agree to shelter a mob of dangerous Fallen? The same Fallen that spent a century stealing from us, besieging our city, and destroying our families? Did you agree to suddenly forgive and forget? No. Ikora Rey decided, without the people’s consent, to allow House Light inside our walls. These are not the actions of a democratic leader. She claims that this “Mithrax” can end the Vex curse. Then why has he not done so? Perhaps because he has no such power. Or perhaps because he’s simply biding his time… I have gazed into the future using Vex technology and have seen only strife and conflict with the Fallen. Unless we change course immediately, bloodshed is inevitable.

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