Quest: Path of the Splicer V, Speak with Mithrax

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Name: Quest: Path of the Splicer V, Speak with Mithrax
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Playlist URL: Path of the Splicer V | Return to Mithrax | Season of the Splicer - YouTube
Recorded: 2021.06.08


++ H.E.L.M., The Last City, Earth

** The Guardian approaches the Splicer Servitor in the Eliksni Wing after speaking with Saint-14.

Mithrax: I see you have overcome the Vex again. We are both doing what we must. I have not spoken with the Saint, but I believe hearing my story softened him somehow. I saw one of our young run across his path. The Saint raised a hand in greeting, and the hatchling recoiled and fled. The Saint watched it run — the reaction seemed to wound him. I will reach out to this child. She acted out of fear and was unkind. She should know the image of the Saint we use to chase evil is only a story. If we are to survive this long night, we must be able to see one another as what we truly are.

// REFERENCE {interaction: Splicer Servitor — Path of the Splicer V|splicer-servitor-path-of-the-splicer-v-2}

// NOTE The Guardian listens to a broadcasted message from Mithrax and Ikora Rey
Mithrax: Eliksni of the House Light, hear Misraaks now. I know many of you feared this place. You have seen death at the hands of the Guardians — it was right to expect death in their house. But I said, and say again, that if we help them, they will help us. And here we are, alive. It is true that some have attacked our new home. It is true that some try to share their hate with us. It is always so. But if Eliksni feel Darkness inside, only look up to see the Great Machine, and know that House of Light is blessed.

Ikora: We’re all blessed to have such friends in dark times. Humanity will not allow these hateful and ignorant acts to define us. We will prove it by bringing those responsible to justice.

Mithrax: Walk the path of hardship with joy in your hearts. Be brave.

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