Quest: Patternbreaking, Vex Invasion

Name: Quest: Patternbreaking, Vex Invasion
Recorded: 2019.10.09


++ Bazaar, The Tower, The Last City, Earth

Ikora: The Undying Mind. If we could kill it now, we would secure Luna from the Vex. But the Mind is moving between timelines, making copies of itself in hundreds upon thousands of different realities. A difficult problem with no elegant solution… I don’t think we need elegance. We need brute force. Imagine a portal tuned into the Undying Mind. One that would allow us to summon it from any timeline. If we had such a portal, we could kill it in hundreds upon thousands of different ways until there’s nowhere and no when left to hide. I think we can make such a portal. It won’t be quick. It won’t be easy. But if we hold the line and work together, we can do it.

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“Ikora has analyzed the data you collected, and it all points to a single conclusion: the Vex have resurrected the Undying Mind, a Hydra built to seize control of the Black Garden. It appears to be hiding itself in multiple co-occurrent timelines. Ikora intends to devise a plan to deal with this new threat but needs time to sort out the details.”

Above is a copy of the quest text.


  • Ikora bought a table, there seems to be an hologram of the future portal on it.
  • Behind Ikora something started to be built, supposedly the said portal.

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