Quest: Risk/Reward, Pain and Gain

Name: Quest: Risk/Reward, Pain and Gain
Recorded: 2020.02.21


++ The Divide, Old Russia, Earth

Ghost: There’s a Fallen raiding party out there! I’d say something about risk versus reward, but that seems too obvious. We’re hunting Dusk Captains! Kill the Mechanics to draw them out.

** The Guardian defeats several Dusk Walker Mechanics. Three Captains, House of Dusk appear. The Guardian defeats the Captains, House of Dusk and the Dusk Walker.

Ghost: We’ve got what we need. Let’s move!

++ The Breach, Old Russia, Earth

** The Guardian searches for the locked gate, defeating the Fallen which they encounter.

Ghost: Banshee’s notes mentioned a locked door “near the gap.”

** The Guardian finds the gate and unlocks it, then heads into a passageway.

Ghost: The only other note is: “Chasm. Have fun.” If we’re hunting for one of Cayde’s stashes… those three words are a threat followed by sarcasm. Watch your angles. The fall will probably kill you.

** The Guardian traverses the chasm.

// NOTE Veteran dialogue
Ghost: Cayde was always precious with his treasures. Hid them throughout the system. I wonder how much of his secrecy was for safety, and how much was for fun.

// NOTE Non-veteran dialogue
Ghost: Cayde would’ve liked you. You have his explorer’s spirit, and you’re not afraid to take risks. Careful now.

** The Guardian continues traversing the chasm.

Ghost: The math says, even those closest to Cayde will never find all of his stashes. The rumors of his misadventures don’t even scratch the surface of the trouble he got up to.

// NOTE Veteran dialogue
Maybe… if Sundance were still with us… But… The memories of those we care for only hurt because we care… Anyway… we’ve gotta be close.

// NOTE Non-veteran dialogue
Ghost: But who knows? Your legend is just getting started, Guardian. Maybe someday it’ll be your adventures that inspire a new generation of heroes and explorers.

** The Guardian reaches the far side of the chasm.

Ghost: We’re almost there. Keep climbing.

** The Guardian finds Cayde’s stash marked with a spade, a picture of the Colonel in a frame bordered by two ace of spades, and multiple boxes of spicy ramen.

Ghost: Banshee was right. His “funny, chicken-loving” friend left us a present.

** The Guardian recovers the Arc Conductors and receives Riskrunner.

Ghost: Your arsenal keeps growing, Guardian. Some of the technology in your hands is as advanced as the Golden Age. Which is to say: watch where you point that thing.

**The Guardian enters the Fallen’s nest below Cayde’s stash.

Ghost: Light 'em up!

** The Guardian uses their new Riskrunner to defeat the Fallen. Haviks, Dusk Baron appears. The Guardian defeats Haviks, Dusk Baron.


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