Quest: The Cryptolith Lure, Hunt for the Wrathborn

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Name: Quest: The Cryptolith Lure, Hunt for the Wrathborn
Recorded: 2020.11.17


++ Spider’s Safehouse, Tangled Shore, The Reef

** After speaking with the Spider, the Guardian approaches the Crow.

The Crow: The Reef’s sky has holes in it… the whole system’s in chaos. Of course, Xivu Arath decided now was the right time to corrupt herself an army. We call them Wrathborn. Most of them are Eliksni, like Spider. Others… hmph, well. Spider wants the lines of Glimmer open, Hive god or not. Asked me to help you deal with Xivu Arath’s High Celebrant. Apparently, the Guardians of the Last City are old friends of mine. But… I don’t remember you. I found some Hive artifacts gathering dust in Spider’s trove and fashioned them into a lure. Wrathborn go crazy for them. When they take the bait… I wish there was some other way. But her magic’s drive them mad. Hunting them down is the only way to weaken Xivu Arath’s grip on the Shore. Like Spider says… Violence is the only language the Hive understand. For now, we can start small, work our way up her command chain. When we reach the High Celebrant, we’ll take it down. Stop Xivu Arath from corrupting anyone else. Don’t take this the wrong way, but it’s… nice to be working with another Lightbearer.

** The Guardian acquires the Cryptolith Lure from Crow’s workshop.

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