Quest: The End, Exploring the Corridors of Time

Name: Quest: The End, Exploring the Corridors of Time
Recorded: 2020.1.20


++ Corridors of Time, Mercury

** The Guardian explores the Corridors of Time, eventually finding an entrance to the Timelost Vault. The Guardian enters the Timeless Vault.

++ Timelost Vault, Mercury

** The Guardian approaches a grave and pays their respects.

Saint-14: Thank you for coming. We’ve gathered here today to celebrate the life of my mentor. My inspiration.

// NOTE If the player is a Destiny 1 veteran.
Saint-14: They called her Crota’s End. The Hivebane. Kingslayer. The Young Wolf.

Saint-14: Hero of the Red War.

// NOTE If the player has completed the Forsaken campaign.
Saint-14: The woman who avenged Cayde-6.

Saint-14: He had a hundred titles I cannot recall. And he died doing what he does best. Defending the Last City of humanity. Ages ago, he saved my life. And then inspired me to save myself. I am glad that he did. Because, Traveler help us, he is gone. And there is no one to save us now. On the day we met, I decided I would follow his example. I’m still trying. I’ve marked this grave with one of his favorite weapons, shattered in that final confrontation. It used to be mine. All who find what we’ve left here – please leave it be. Unless… Unless you’re still out there somewhere. You’ve performed miracles before. In which case, take it. And come back to us. And we’ll kill what killed you. Or die trying.

// NOTE If the Guardian has saved Saint-14.
** The Guardian receives the Chronometric Weapon Core.

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Other character titles to record

  1. The man who avenged Cayde-6. (Forsaken - D2)
  2. Crota’s End. (Dark Below - D1)
  3. Slayer of Oryx. (Taken King - D1)
  4. The Young Wolf. (Rise of Iron - D1)

If you are a veteran he will also call you ‘Crota’s End, Slayer of Oryx, The Young Wolf’
There may be more since I didn’t play all of D1, and only started from Kings Fall.


Oh thanks! I’m a PC player so I missed those entirely lol. I’ll add them in a bit.

Created Quest: The End, Exploring the Corridors of Time based on this post.

I don’t believe that there is anything else. I played through all of D1 and only had these three.


Although it’s nice that they have this great of detail for veteran destiny players