Quest: Voices in Light, Let Loose Thy Talons

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Name: Quest: Voice of Light, Let Loose Thy Talons
Recorded: 2020.12.8


// REFERENCE {interaction:The Crow — As the Crow Flies}

++ Spider’s Safehouse, Tangled Shore, The Reef

** The Guardian returns to the Crow after tracking down five feathers; manifestations of the Light.

The Crow: Do you have a minute? Something’s been going on, and I’m… I’ve been having these dreams lately. Vivid. Real. Glint… Glint thinks there might be something to them. I’m flying. There’s a green forest. Mountains. European Dead Zone, I think. Sometimes the clouds part, and where there should be a bright blue sky, there’s just… darkness. I’m free… soaring towards a distant pillar of light. But the dream always ends the same way. That light… flickers like a candle flame and goes out. And then there’s… nothing. I can’t shake it. It’s all I think about… Would you come with me? See if anything’s there?

// REFERENCE {interaction:The Crow — Let Loose Thy Talons}

// REFERENCE {item:Voices in Light}

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