Quest: Wayfinder's Voyage I (Briefing with Petra Venj)

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Name: Quest: Wayfinder’s Voyage I (Briefing with Petra Venj)
Video URL: Wayfinder’s Voyage I | Briefing with Petra Venj — “The Art of Wayfinding” | Season of the Lost
Playlist URL: Lost, Season of the (Story)
Recorded: 2021.08.24


++The H.E.L.M., The Tower

// REFERENCE {item:the-plan}

**The Guardian faces a transmitter next to the Wayfinder’s Compass; a hologram of Petra Venj appears.

Petra Venj: Queen Mara has already told you we must recover our lost Techeuns in order to free Savathûn from her servitude to the worm gods.

Petra Venj: I will tell you how.

Petra Venj: Imagine the universe as a set of coins, stacked one on top of the other. The top coin is our reality. The bottom: the Ascendant Plane.

Petra Venj: Between them lies an intermeshing of ever-shifting pathways known as the Ley Lines.

Petra Venj: Almost all the ancient pathways are now defunct, but beings of paracausal ability can navigate and rebuild them.

Petra Venj: This is the art of Wayfinding.

Petra Venj: We know our lost Techeuns are stranded somewhere among the Ley Lines, and they’re leaving us markers to follow.

Petra Venj: I’m forwarding you the coordinates to the first marker. It should tell us which Ley Line to look in.

Petra Venj: Then we’ll use the Blind Well to tear open a rift and send you through to find them.

Petra Venj: Xivu Arath is desperate to capture her sister. Her forces, which now include the Taken, will attempt to stop you at every turn.

Petra Venj: Listen. I know your Crow intends to accompany you. Mara also wants him close.

Petra Venj: Our Techeuns went to retrieve Queen Mara on my orders. This can’t fail. Not because of him.

(to-do: get the interaction from wayfinder’s compass vendor)

// REFERENCE {item:bridge-between-worlds}

we’ll get this in when it’s available. all wayfinder interactions are hidden for now in API

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