Quest: Wayfinder's Voyage I (Speak with Ikora Rey)

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Name: Quest: Wayfinder’s Voyage I (Speak with Ikora Rey)
Video URL: Wayfinder’s Voyage I | Speak with Ikora Rey | Season of the Lost
Playlist URL: Lost, Season of the (Story)
Recorded: 2021.08.24


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++Bazaar, The Tower

**The Guardian approaches Ikora Rey.

Ikora Rey: This is my fault. I invited her in. I convinced Zavala that we needed Osiris by our side.

Ikora Rey: A dark pit looked back every time I met his eyes, and I told myself it was grief.

Ikora Rey: Savathûn knew she could use that. The City is the last place Xivu Arath would have searched for her.

Ikora Rey: Now, Saint is tearing the system apart, looking for the real Osiris. You and Crow need to take point with the Awoken.

Ikora Rey: I don’t like it, but he wants to help, and he’s earned some trust. It’s his decision.

Ikora Rey: We’re in a downpour of revelation.

Ikora Rey: I’ve been trying to analyze every drop of information, as if I could isolate them before they’re washed away.

Ikora Rey: There’ so much I need to reevaluate. So much I need to do.

Ikora Rey: Interrogate the Witch Queen while we have a captive audience. Our enemies often flirt with arrogance when they believe they’ve won.

Ikora Rey: See if she’ll let her true intentions slip.

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