Quotes in the Super quest?

So I was reading through some lore and I came across this: "The Garden grows in both directions. It grows into tomorrow and yesterday. The red flowers bloom forever."This was a quote in the Forsaken super quest. Are all of those lines quotes from the lore? I know the first one is, but are the rest?

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I found that a lot of them are quotes from the speaker in game that you might be able to dig up from some transcripts.

Yes @LordSaladPan, a lot of the lines from that quest (and from the Shard of the Traveler quest in D2) are quotes from the Lore/Grimoire.

This is from the Speaker in the mission Fury.

This is from Pujari in Legend: The Black Garden.

This is from Toland in the King’s Fall card.

This seems to be a loose quote of Lord Radegast, although it could be a reference to something else. Let me know if I’ve gotten it wrong.

This is a reference to the Cosmos Shell entry where Efrideet is talking to someone over the radio.

This is a quote from the Speaker in Chosen.


Cool! I figured they were quotes, just didn’t know from where. But, now I know thanks to your infinite knowledge of the lore @baxter!

Do we know the significance of these quotes being made?

Only that they are from ‘famous’ or ‘well known’ guardians or lightbearers. Other than that?

They were all lost…

The speaker represented the traveller, whether he was a con artist or not the quotes chosen here speak well of the sky.

Tolland was lost in the deep and speaks highly of it.

Pujari was a thanatonaught who explored the edges between light and dark.

The choice of quotes here would seem to suggest Ulan Tan was right with the Symmetry.