Recent Trailer for Season of Dawn

This will be talking (what little there is lore wise) about the newest trailer for the “Season of Dawn.”

So, as some of us knew, Saint-14. That’s all I can really say, the excitement is still messing with my thoughts. I will say this, to those who didn’t know he was coming, I envy you. I wish I could experience the joy and excitement your feeling.

That aside, what goes down in the trailer. Well, according to Osiris, and like I (and probably several other people) knew, killing the Undying Mind did indeed cause something to happen. But, well, it’s a bit bigger than I, and i’m sure several others thought. Time itself was affected by the Undying Mind’s death. And now the Red Legion, after who knows how long after some unknown amount of them got caught in the Infinite Forest for this purpose, are attempting to use this moment to rewrite the events of the Red War. We are then shown some cosmetic stuff for the next season, a few shots of enemies and a…Goliath champion shudders. Besides that, we’re shown a…sun dial forge (feel free to correct my mistake) and what may be a guardian walking through time, or a personification of the jumbled timelines.

TL;DR, we finna hop through time, probably.


Season of the dawn is officially season of the titan

From what I gathered from the trailer the are three Cabal Psion Flayers messing with time to change the outcome of the Red War. This might end up giving us more information on OXA and OTZOT. Saint-14, from what I think, is not actually back, he was just pulled out of time by the Psion shenanigans. This will likely explain why he leaves after the season. Also, we see a new area we havent seen before, an area with a blank white background and a terrain made of metallic gray structured, most shattered at the top. This could be the area for a new exotic quest, as it is shown during the part where it mentions new exotic quests. This could lead to the other possible exotic weapon, a Saint-14 Scout rifle(?), Auto? Maybe? Here’s an image.

Also, we are told that the Sundial is some kind of time travel device, because Osiris says that he created it to help Saint-14 death. (Which didn’t work.)
Anyway, this is what I gathered from the trailer. What do you guys think?

I forgot about the whole “Psion Flayers” part. Which, might I add, that we are going to be dealing with, to quote from the website, a “council of Psion Flayers”. Anyone else find that somewhat…unsettling?

Edit: Also, it maybe possible that the Saint-14(s) may not be from our timeline. And I add plural because, when looking at the two/three times he appears in the trailer, the last scene we see has Saint-14 cast the Sentinel shield, but he looks somewhat different. Now, this might just be due to the lighting being very different, since he’s in future Murcury, but still, time has shown to meddle with even guardians themselves.

We’ve dealt with a council of flayers before, in a D1 strike. I’m wondering if these flayers could be related to those Flayers.

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Indeed, but that doesn’t get rid of the fact that Psion Flayers are terrifyingly strong.

No, this is the season of Solar

Wasn’t that one guy from the insight terminus a Flayer?

The weapon is a fusion rifle

People were saying it couldn’t be our saint-14 because of the vex mind built to drain his light but in one of the lore cards it says that he killed that vex mind so it is still a possibility that it’s our saint-14 just brought to the present for now

My guess is that it is our Saint-14, but he was pulled from a time before he was locked in combat with the Vex Mind who was built to drain his light, because I believe that he killed the Mind after it had already drained his light.

well this could be because their may be 3 Saint-14’s, each in a different era of time, perhaps we travel between the S-14’s for missions and such

Yes he did kill it after it already had his light so it definitely is from before that

I just noticed in this lore page for the helm of saint-14 it mentions that shaxx and cayde-6 knew that Saint-14 believed in some guardian savior, is that mentioning our guardians in the current time?

Yes. Saint-14 had visions of a savior guardian, who is widely believed to be us. It’s kind of funny, because we look up to him, but he looked up to us before we were even revived. I believe that he said that he did what he did in the inspiration of us, while we did things because of Saint-14’s inspiration. This is the Perfect Paradox.

Hmm, so with that in mind do you think saving a legend means we are bringing saint-14 back to life or do you think we are stopping him from dieing in the first place?

Maybe it’ll be temporary. Like, he’ll only be around for the season or something, then he’ll have to leave. It would make sense if that’s gonna be the case, for the sake of fixing time or something, but it would suuuck to only get the spend a season with the greatest Titan.

Yes but if he was inspired by us then doesn’t that mean we are the greatest titans/hunters/warlocks?

Like SaladPan said, the perfect paradox.

Yes…and no? Hard to say.