Remaining Guardians

Is there any idea to how many guardians are left after the red war? Just wondering how screwed we are.

well we have our guardian, the vanguard and a few in the tower, some of the planetary vendors, + any escapees, (other player guardians) along with any new guardians ghosts have found + a lot in hiding or that the red war wasn’t effected, Osiris and the like

also i dont nearly have the time to actually calculate exactly how many guardians there may be

I agree with @Aaetheon I don’t think that there is really a way to know.

In Tyrannocide V we read Mara Sov’s estimate that there are “several million mad dancing guardians” that are part of her plan to kill Oryx.

Even if we guess at a 50% casualty rate as a result of the Red War - which seems astronomically high - there are still a few million of us to go around. And still more are being Risen.

Seems that Mara’s total - several million - might even reflect the total player base. If that’s the case, there are about 14 million of us according to destiny tracker.

That’s a lot of Nova Burps, y’all.

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my god, the sheer novawarping 10 million warlocks (hunter master race tho bungo likes warlocks) could do, it could kill an entire race


That is not a thing i want to see this utterly terrifying

Sounds fun to me… then again… Warlock master race~

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Imagine your at your hive house relaxing then all of the sudden you see glowing hammers in all directions blowing up everything along with giant purple balls of energy with shadow people with knives rushing the frontlines

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every battle, won in a few seconds

Yeah. I mean just think about it. Just a Knight coming home to his wife after a long battle with the Fallen. His wife hasn’t seen him for years and is super happy to see him. The two hug before the Knight’s kids run in and hug his leg. They are all happy. Suddenly head is blown of by a Hunter.

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You make the hive seem all goody-goody, when the knight would probably ask his son how many others he killed to grow.


Yeah but it still stands that he was glad to be home you know? Here, let me continue.
“How many did you kill to grow my son?” The Knight asks in his gravelly voice, a smile split across his face. His son looks up, a wide grin as his wife looks down to the child as well.
“Ninety four!” He squeals with joy. His father chuckling and picking him up. Suddenly a ear shattering shot rings out, the terrifying sound of the armor on his helm splits as the piercing round of a Hunter tears through his head. His body quickly turning to dust and pained screams echo from the trio.

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That just sounds so grim but so true.

god damn, I almost actually feel somthing

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Thank you. I try my best to look at all ends of the argument. It may make me a bit irrational at times as my logic and more… “touchy feely” clash. Because I will most of the time get the idea of what is happening and who they are but the point of it is that deep down the Hive do have feelings and do care for each other. They just show it in different ways. It is more so just a matter of ethical war for me. I see things as “well… yeah but do we really have to murder them in cold blood? Sure… they are the “bad guys” but are they really? I am sure peace could be reached.”

We might be able to make peace with the hive, except for the fact that:
we killed oryx
we killed crota
and they still need to kill things to satisfy their worms

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Cocks shotgun Guess we’ll have to make a few… edits. To the birthing process. Ey boys? (And girls, I ain’t sexist.)

Farms, killing farms. Also let the new generation of hive NOT have worms.

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Thrash’s got a point…

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I disagree with your statement.