Replacement name for a dredgen

Hey guys I was wondering if there could be a name similar to “Dredgen” or “Darth”. Does anyone have any ideas?

like an in-game thing or just creative ideas?

just creative ideas.

Like… already existing gamertags or names irl? Or just making stuff up? Because usually it pertains to something about the Dredgen in question before they were a Dredgen. For example, my buddy Ember-3’s would likely be something like “Dredgen Ash.” Because of a fire theme, you see?

Well I’m just making stuff up like replacements for things like Dredgen or Darth

Ah. Welll… Erakka Hinomi (made that up on the spot yes) Ishanta Oshinaro, Hausa Teshik (add accent on the i).

I believe you mean えらっか ひのみ、いしゃんと おしなろ、and はうさ てしか. That’s Japanese btw.

I was just jamming together syllables and making it sound cool tbh =/

Ya I kinda guessed that,but I read it and I immediately though “This could easily be translated to Japanese.” So I did that.

I am in a lot of MHA rps and so most of my favorite OCs have Japanese names and I guess my brain just likes how it sounds because I think they sounded pretty cool.

But I did notice that so I tried to make the last one less Japanese.

Yeah only the last one had a syllable that couldn’t be translated to Japanese cause Japanese doesn’t have a “k”, so I put “ka” instead. Uh… What are MHA rps?

My (M) Hero (H) Acadameia (A) roleplays (Rps). I am in three or four. So I have a lot of Japanese names pinging around in my head, for example one of my first characters is Kano Kamakiri, and one of my favorites is Hosuh Hamurada.


Some of my favorites is Shouto Todoroki, and Eijiro Kirishima

*Shoto and yeah, they have cool names, and Todoroki a cool quirk too.

An op one at that and I think I’ve seen Todoroki’s first name spelled both ways. Might just be one of those anime character names that can be spelled more than one way

Maybe. But I always spell it “Shoto”

A word I came across while I was doing some research for this (yes research I’m very committed to this topic now) was “Akuma” it is Japanese (but written in English letters and stuff) that roughly translates to demon or devil, which sounds pretty cool to me and it is not terribly long and sounds kinda cool.

Yeah. Nice one Fruity