Report: REVERSE-LURE, Final Report

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Name: Report: REVERSE-LURE, Final Report
Video URL: Report: Reverse-Lure | Return to the Enclave | Witch Queen - YouTube
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Recorded: 2022.02.22


++ The Enclave, Mars

** The Guardian returns to the Enclave to log their final report on the Evidence Board.

// REFERENCE {item: report-reverse-lure-9 | Report: REVERSE-LURE}

Ghost: Well, Immaru is still on the loose, but at least we cut off any chances of him upgrading the Lucent Brood’s weaponry. You can reap your reward from the Relic.

// REFERENCE {interaction: evidence-board-report-reverse-lure-2 | Evidence Board — Report: REVERSE-LURE}

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