Riven's possible resurrection

So what does everyone think about the Last Wish Raid and how Riven may technically still be alive. I personally think that Riven is still alive through us since she feed off of the wishes of others, such as our wish for her death. So may be she lives bound to us via our wishes. What are some of your guys thoughts?


Riven is most likely reviving every time we attempt the raid because

  1. We wish to kill her
  2. We wish to get loot When we kill her
    So when we start the raid she resurrects to meet the terms of our wish. Then when more guardians Wish to attempt the raid the cycle begins anew.
    At least that’s what I think happens.

Perhaps she is dead in the flesh but lives in spirit or a idea. A idea is just as dangerous, if not more dangerous than the flesh.

You can not kill a idea.


yeah that’s what I think

yeah especially when Ahamkara die, just getting close to a BONE that could be dead for hundreds of years and wishing for something still fulfills the wish. So with Riven being recently deceased and having an influence over a large area of space just stepping into the tangled shore could start a possible wish for example: to raid

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This conversation is GREAT and I want in. And perhaps she can be wished back to life through this, so really we are just doing the job over and over because someone keeps wishing her back to life. But it is equally dangerous with Falllen scuttling around with the power to wish just about anything without knowing it.


I totally agree to this being a good topic to talk (type) about; can’t wait for more

What happens if we just wish for this conversation to go on?
Also, what if instead, Guardian’s restricted themselves ((In Canon)) to not go do the Raid, wouldn’t the Vanguard restrict this, and therefore cancel the Raid from happening over and over, allowing Riven to live a very painful life? ((After all, in game you can hear Riven exclaim in pain.))

At what exactly though? Nobody is harming her to my knowledge. Or you know, we could just… make peace?

When you shoot her eyes out, she actually screams out in pain, so it is logical to think she is in pain.
As for making peace?
Eheheh, she is Taken, and probably won’t stop at anything to follow the dying…
Wish? Order? Of Oryx.

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Very big facts Ember-3

As said before, haven’t played in a long while. So I had no clue. Otherwise okay.

I’ve never done a Raid in D2, only the D1 Crota and VoG raids. Also Skolas, if you can count him as a Raid.

Wouldn’t she follow the Order of Savathun being that she was taken post the death of the Taken King

Dunno, she was actually Taken when Mara was. As per the Lore.

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Oh your right I’m a nut

We still have much to learn about how wishes actually work. Why didn’t Guardians wish for the Ahamkara to just be extinct? Why don’t we wish for the Dreaming City to be rid of its Curse? There must be limits to what we can wish for, similar to genie’s or whatever.

Another thing, what are we actually wishing upon when we resurrect Riven? I guess it’s her Heart? Like, when we all originally kill her, we create that bond between ourselves and Riven, so when we wish to Raid again, we wish upon her / the bond in some way?

I’m still confused by this whole ordeal with the DC. It’s one of the most in-depth story arcs Bungie have created.

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Interesting… I certainly think this needs more looking into. But perhaps there is a certain logic to it? A “Wish” logic if you will. I know I make a lot of lines to other games/series but… perhaps this functions like the Madoka Magica wish system? Every being has a certain “value” in front of entropy. And certain wishes can only be made by people with a certain value. But these wishes always have a way of twisting into a curse later on. Opinions??

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The value system you’re talking about might be true, at least to the extent that more powerful individuals would be able to deal with the cons of any wish. I’m not sure why very extravagant wishes would be reserved to those of higher power though, as surely the Ahamkara would be able to manipulate the weaker among us with very bountiful wishes.

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I agree Vertigo this isn’t something so simple like Shenron’s wishes in Dragon Ball where things are simply just beyond his power to grant.