Riven's possible resurrection


talking about wishes, could the Fifteenth wish be something that is done automatically, such as resetting the raid each time we enter? Something that we cannot enter ourselves? Riven’s comment is that we shall cherish it. Could this be the fact that we cherish the reset so we can get more loot? Sorry about grammar and typos I’m trying to type quickly.


Yeah, just an idea, though this could be a more “douchebag genie” thing for the weaker ones. Doing it but in a way to make it detrimental but also bending the being to the will of the Ahamkara. Perhaps a wish to correct the first one that’s more a bargain? I dunno. At this point my brain is just telling me to put down anything it comes up with so I souldn’t be taken too seriously on this one…

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Maybe like the more wishes you make the more reality around you sorta cracks in a way and makes it so the burden on you may increase with each wish, but considering Mara’s wish for Shaxx um I may be wrong with this theory but just wanted to put this out there.


Yeah the wish system in Destiny is a little Willy Wonky in that sense but we could speculate that we could inherently wish for extremely mind bending things that could change the universe for better or worse.


hey i just found a really nice lore entry speaking of Riven and why the loop started (possibly) and it shows sorta why Riven is still alive, it is called ACT CHOOSE REACT its a lore entry with a choose your own adventure style reading to it.

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Oh yeah, I read that. But not following the directions, eventually halfway through they call you out on it. I wonder what would happen if we wished the Ahamkara out of existence, or wished the Taken to cease to exist, or even just Riven to be “untook” (if that makes sense) as well as Mara and whomever else we want to be. Or perhaps this is the secret of being able to repeat all raids (except Calus we know how that works). And this last thought just came to me, what if we wished the Darkness to cease to exist? (You see my point about the value system?)

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I feel like when they issued The Great Hunt, they did it knowing the consequences from any direct wish (as grand as an extinction of the Ahamkara) would be too severe.


yeah, it seemed like the people that took part in it really enjoyed it with Lord Saladin wishing a literal dragon to slay, leaving Efrideet surprised and also not shocked that that was his wish

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