Salvation, Beckoned (Nexus)

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Name: Salvation, Beckoned (Nexus)
Recorded: 2020.11.19


++ Beyond, Europa

** The Guardian approaches the Ziggurat after speaking with the Exo Stranger.

Ghost: I understand why you’re going alone with the Stranger’s plan, but… well, she’s clearly not telling us everything.

** The Guardian attunes their first Splinter of Darkness to the Ziggurat’s glyph.

Ghost: The longer we’re here, the more nervous I get. Not that I think you can’t handle it. I know you can. I just wish we had a better idea of what that might be. We’re definitely in uncharted territory out here.

// REFERENCE {item:salvation-beckoned-3|Salvation, Beckoned}

++ Asterion Abyss, Europa

** As the Guardian travels to the Nexus, Eramis is broadcasting a transmission.

Ghost: I’m picking up a Fallen transmission. It’s… Eramis!

Eramis: Attention all pawns of the once “Great Machine”: Did you know that before it doomed your kind, it did the same to mine? You are not special. Just the plaything of a so-called god who would sooner see your life ended than its own.

++ Nexus, Europa

** The Guardian approaches a Crux of Darkness and communes with it. The Darkness beckons… and the Guardian becomes temporarily empowered with Stasis. The Vex begin to transmat into the area. The Guardian defeats waves of Vex with Stasis. The Guardian returns to the Crux of Darkness and ends their communion.

// REFERENCE {item:breaking-in|Breaking In}

** Ghost guides the Guardian to a nearby House Salvation cache. The Guardian uses Stasis to unseal the glyph and disable the Fallen barrier.

Ghost: So, we can use Stasis to unlock these latches after all. Let’s look inside; see if we can find something useful.

** The Guardian uses Stasis to unseal the glyph and unlock the Fallen cache. The Guardian received aged armor.

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