Scavenging the 'Drome

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Name: Scavenging the 'Drome
Video URL: Destiny 2: Beyond Light Campaign | Exodus Garden 2A (Transcript) - YouTube
Recorded: 2020.11.11


** According to Zavala, Eramis has left Europa to reconnect with the House of Devils on Earth. Zavala sends the Guardian to Shaw Han, a Guardian patrolling the Cosmodrome, for more details on this new intel.

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++ The Steppes, Cosmodrome, Earth

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** According to Shaw Han, Eramis’s sergeant Bakris is still in the Cosmodrome to ensure recruitment to the army of House Salvation. Shaw reports evidence of Stasis recently found in The Divide, not far from an old Devils hideout.

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++ The Divide, Cosmodrome, Earth

** The Guardian collects House Salvation Intel from the House Devils soldiers and searches for Bakris, the Adamantine.

++ Exodus Garden 2A, Cosmodrome, Earth

** The Guardian follows the intel to Bakris’s hideout.

Ghost: Variks, we’ve figured out what Eramis was doing in the Cosmodrome. It’s the House of Devils — or what’s left of them. She called for reinforcements.

Variks: Of course. [insect-like chattering] The Devils will follow Eramis’s every command. And there are many left yet.

Ghost: We tracked them to an old factory.

Variks: [wheezes] Do not allow them to reach Europa. [insect-like chattering]

Ghost: We’re on it.

** The Guardian approaches the center of the factory and witnesses a Crux of Darkness. The Darkness beckons and empowers the Guardian with Stasis. Deksis-5, Taskmaster appears. The Guardian defeats Deksis-5.

** Bakris, the Adamantine appears. Bakris uses Stasis against the Guardian. The Guardian defeats Bakris and receives Bakris’s Missive from Eramis.

Ghost: Variks, Eramis was planning on flooding Europa with Spider Tanks. We’ve dealt with the ones in charge.

Variks: [wheezes] Yes, our comms buzz with chatter. Word of your success has already reached Europa. Eramis is most unpleased. [chattering] She intends to react with another set of reinforcements: the Vex.

Ghost: The Vex?! How?

Variks: Europa holds yet another dark secret — a portal, built by Clovis Bray, leading directly to the Vex. Eramis intends to activate it.

Ghost: Then she needs to be stopped. We’re on our way.

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