Season of Arrivals Opening Cinematic

Name: Season of Arrivals Opening Cinematic
Recorded: 2020.06.09


Eris Morn: The Hive wanted a return to war on the Moon. They built a lunar fortress to back their assault. A grand stage to announce their revival. You climbed that Scarlet Citadel… and the Hive met you head on. You buried them. But we found more than the Hive on the Moon. The Dark has reached out. We have no choice but to reach back.

++ Mindlab: Rasputin, Hellas Basin, Mars

** Ana Bray and Rasputin watch a hologram of a Pyramid approaching Io. The hologram shows Rasputin attacking the Pyramid. The hologram of the Pyramid briefly disappears, then reappears again. As the hologram of the Pyramid descends upon Io, Rasputin is neutralized and the Mindlab goes dark.


I say that Rasputin was “neutralized” because Zavala claims that he was in Hollow Words. Also, Ana claims that Rasputin is “dying” in Ana: Frayed.

Created Season of Arrivals Opening Cinematic based on this post.