Season of Defiance: We Stand Unbroken | "Right Through the Heart" Cutscene

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Name: We Stand Unbroken | Amanda & Crow: “Right Through the Heart” | Season of Defiance
Video URL: We Stand Unbroken | Amanda & Crow: "Right Through the Heart" | Season of Defiance - YouTube
Recorded: 2023.03.03


**Amanda Holliday fires her Chaperone at the final Shadow Legion soldier before lowering it. The Guardian arrives via an Awoken portal and approaches Amanda.

Amanda Holliday: Hey, Guardian. Thanks for your help back there. Just need to clear out this— [gasps]

**Amanda notices a shadow behind her and whips around, instinctively firing her shotgun. Crow immediately dies from the blow to the heart; Glint rushes to resurrect him.

Amanda Holliday: Oh…

**Holliday exchanges a guilty look with the Guardian. Crow is revived, and she walks over to stand above him. He grimaces.

Crow: Ow…

**Amanda leans down. She grabs Crow by his hand to haul him to his feet.

Crow: Nice shot. Right through the heart.

Amanda Holliday: Thanks.

Ghost: Sorry. We thought you were Shadow Legion.

**Crow shakes his head with a mild shrug and a pointed look at Amanda.

Crow: Easy mistake. I’m just so beefy.

**Amanda doesn’t respond. She turns and begins to walk away. Crow follows after her.

Crow: You’re leaving again? Don’t you ever slow down?

Amanda Holliday: Nope. Not when there’s work to be done.

Crow: Amanda–

**Holliday stops and faces Crow once more. Crow pauses a distance away from her.

Crow: When your ship… I thought I might never see you again.

Amanda Holliday: No time for that kind of talk. I’m here now. Let’s get moving.

**Holliday walks off before Crow responds, leaving him in the hangar.

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