Seraph Wings (in game event)

Name: Seraph Wings
Recorded: 2020.06.06


++ Courtyard, The Tower, The Last City, Earth

** After Rasputin destroys the Almighty.

Zavala: The Almighty has been reduced to smouldering ash, thanks to you… and Rasputin. Our success serves as a reminder that we’re in this fight together. Allegiances have never been more important. Together, we’ll overcome whatever enemy we face. And with allies like Rasputin, who can stop us?


I named it after the emblem we get, but that can be changed.

Should I edit in the destruction of the almighty too?

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If you are able to edit that in then sure! But I know your editing situation is not ideal :slightly_smiling_face:

Created Sereph Wings based on this post.